obsessing on full burkas

i am obsessed with the woman i passed on the street today. she was outfitted in a full burka.  i mean full burka. i have never seen this before. i have seen plenty of women in burkas that look like this:

i've seen this

i've seen this

 i didn’t have my camera so i took these pix from the internet – but this is what i saw:

Full niqab
full burkai do not understand this. it’s like the first fully sunny day of the summer and this woman has chosen this to wear while walking up first avenue?  how can she even see where she is walking?  she is in new york and free to wear whatever.  why this? what does this mean? is she in a prison inside her own mind?  is someone making her wear this? is she comfortable walking the streets in this outfit because she can’t see what all of the other people are wearing ?  isn’t she hot?  i’m in a tank top and i’m sweating just slightly. i’m thinking if i were to visit the place where she is from, i might cover up a bit more than usual; try not to show too much skin – even wear a scarf on over my head in an effort to show respect for the culture. i would wear a sari in india — why not?  i even used to wear hose and long sleeves right here in brooklyn when i called on accounts in crown heights.  but cover my entire face with a 3 layer niqab? i don’t think so. 
i have so many questions about this. . . i did some research.  i was able to find the extra accessory that completely covered this woman’s eyes – it’s called the 3 layer face niqab.  here it is:
3 layer face niqab
3 layer face niqab

 it’s on sale now for only $7.99 (reduced from $11.99) on HilalPlaza.com.  note the tagline on their logo:Hilal-banner-A

are they kidding? who’s lifestlyle might a 3 layer face niqab be enriching?  i think i may do more research on this.

“I note the obvious differences between each sort and type,
but we are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.”
~Maya Angelou