they say . . .

you know what they say. . .

opposites attract

you’ll catch a cold if

you’ll go blind

breakfast is the most important meal

not to wear white before memorial day

it’s hard to find a job these days

it will rain tomorrow

and even more importantly. . . ‘they say you should’. . .

you should only wash your hair every other day

you should brush your teeth after every meal

you should eat a low fat diet

you should get a physical every year

you should always wear sunscreen

 who exactly are ‘they?’

people are always telling me what they say!  are they the ultimate authority?  if so, why don’t we simply name the authoirty?  are they the judge & jury?  are they scientists? doctors? experts? if so, which ones are they?

why don’t we just preface our ideas with something like “i think . . .’ ,  “you may want to try . . .” ,  “in my experience . . .”  “i read an article by . . .  which said,”  or  “my mother told me . . . ”

do we blindly accept that they are right?

“Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again?”
~Winnie the Pooh

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