thong man

this morning while out walking ivan i saw ‘thong man’ going for a run.  i see him roughly 2 – 3 times a month and usually he wears a thong leotard with nude colored pantyhose and of course, sneakers. sometimes he wears lots of makeup as well.  this morning thong man was not wearing a thong, which was quite surprising to me and all the other people walking on 1st avenue at 7:00 am.  this morning, thong man was wearing a black bra partially covered by a very short leopard print slip, pantyhose and  of course, sneakers.  i was sorry i did not have my camera.

he reminded me of pacific beach thong man, who i found myself thinking about for the duration of my morning walk with ivan. pacific beach thong man can be found almost every day in pacific beach, california or, p.b. as the locals refer to it.  p.b. thong man used to, and my guess is, still does, roller blade all around p.b. in a thong. when i lived in california i would like to go to p.b.  around the holidays to see his special costumes.



Thong Man (2)

4th of july

Thong Man (3)


more thong man and more and village thong man!


“To be normal is the ideal aim of the unsuccessful.”
– Carl Jung

11 responses to “thong man

  1. I’ve never been so glad to live at the end of a gravel road…


  2. Oregon? Oh, dear. Well, he will fit right in somwhere…


  3. On our one and only trip to Hawaii, we were treated every day to yet another Thong Man’s parade up and down Waikiki Beach. He had long blonde hair and wore a hot-pink singlet-style thong. He took himself on long legs and with confident stride from one end of the beach to the other, and back again. Truly charming.


  4. natalya2013

    LOL, great pics! 🙂


  5. At least as far as the beach is concerned:
    Since women famously like a guy’s backside then aren’t guys stupid for not wearing thongs ???


  6. I agree with Lin, guys are stupid. Women Love a guys butt especially at the beach but nooo, they still wear dork shorts and not a thong. What idiots ! Yes yes, everyone knows that only certain people can wear them, duh. But really guys, think about it, everyone has to ignore morons. Forget about them and get your thong on !
    Still worried? Well come on, it’s not rocket science, get a half thong or quarter thong and start out with that.

    Good news: Venice beach is the thong capital and a treat for the ladies and I’ve even seen some guys wearing them in San Diego!


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