washing dishes

i  measured the amount of counter space that comes with my kitchen.  it’s  15 inches.  it’s between the sink and the stove.  on that space is my coffee maker, which leaves very little space to put the dishes after I wash them.     i have become very creative in creating enough counter space to put my dishes.  i can put a cutting board which i keep stored inside the stove, on the top of the stove burners, & then place a towel on the cutting board to create space.  in the event that i have people over, i will also use the step ladder. each step can be covered with a kitchen towel for added space.

today as i walked ivan all i could think about was the dishes in the sink.  i thought about never having owned my own apartment, therefore,  never owning a dishwasher. i have never even rented an apartment with a dishwasher. how could i have reached this age and not have ever owned a dishwasher?  everyone should have a dishwasher by the time they’re 30.

Here it is. . . all my counter space:

entire kitchen counter space

entire kitchen counter space


“He who wants to change the world should already begin by cleaning the dishes.”
 – Paul Carvel

4 responses to “washing dishes

  1. James Glover

    you think dishwashers are great – and they are – but they never dry the dishes entirely. once they are done – one must put them on the counter to dry, then put them away. sometimes its just easier to wash them yourself.


  2. “He who wants to change the world should already begin by cleaning the dishes.” Yes, the zen of dishwashing – never heard of that? There is no “zen of pressing the dishwasher button”…;)


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